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Toronto's Choice For Kitchen Renovations and RTA Cabinets!

Kabinetz! is a Ready-to-Assemble kitchen cabinet company supplying quality cabinetry for residential and commercial use at the lowest price!

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Kabinetz Knowledge Base:

The Condo Game
The Condo Game examines the forces at play behind the fastest moving condo market in North America - Toronto - and discovers that the glittering glass hides a sea of troubles.
Particle Board Product Information
Particle Board is an engineered wood product manufactured from wood particles, such as wood chips, sawmill shavings, or even saw dust, here is a breakdown on it's place in cabinetry and construction.
Video Series: Kitchen Cabinet Installation
Toologics Editor Jude Herr and her Father are at it again. In this series they are hanging their Kitchen Cabinets.
What to Expect and Prepare for During Your Kitchen Remodel
Remodeling a kitchen is an incredibly huge undertaking that involves a vast array of details to consider, decide on and oversee their implementation.
Creating Kitchen Designs That Work For You
When planning a kitchen renovation part of the process will be designing the kitchen layout.

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